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Flora and fauna

The Vosges' flora and fauna are rich and varied. The plains show 25 species of orchids, a wide range of wild roses, periwinkle, heather, fern and - depending on the substrate - mushrooms, blackberries, raspberries, and of course blueberries, the symbol of the Vosges.

The massif is a garden in its own, from the beech forests to the higher located meadows, with striking flowers such as gentian, catchfly and white and pink orchids. Anemones, the purple violet, yellow arnica and foxglove are also part of the scenery.

The Vosges has a rich wildlife with boars, chamois, brockets, and various deer species. In addition the territory offers a fascinating bird world with some 150 species including raptors such as buzzards, owls, and peregrines.

An extensive protection programme has been developed to ensure the survival of the Grand Tetras (capercaillie) or black grouse of which only a hundred are currently recorded in the Vosges.

Of course you can also spot black woodpeckers, whitethroats, nutcrackers, quails, pheasants, thrushes, blackbirds, woodpigeons, and beavers in their natural habitat along the banks of the Moselle.

Flora and founa Flora and founa